Secrets Your Server Will Never Tell You

Being no stranger to horrible jobs, I have no problem doing whatever is needed for money, from wiping asses to drawing blood. But as much as I didn’t mind those jobs I was getting revoltingly sick from working with patients and customers.

So, I found myself searching for a new job, one that was flexible since I was going to be in college. I realized waitressing was one of the jobs that would fit this description. I eventually got hired by a restaurant owner, only because I had a pretty face and it would “be good for business”. I set forth on this journey and found myself to be very good at waitressing, but found out some horrible truths that I wouldn’t have ever guessed.

Restaurants Attract All Types

I used to think that only one type of person chose to be a server willingly, but I learned very quickly that I was wrong. There is the desperate mother of four that mentions her children to every customer to earn a tip, there is the alcoholic who brings vodka into the restaurant and takes a “smoke” break in her car every fifteen minutes. There is the man who found himself applying for the job of cook, but ended up with a fake smile plastered on his face and dealing with some old lady who wants rare bacon, rye toast with just a BIT of butter, no garnish on her breakfast plate. She will end up giving him a dollar tip.

Restaurants Rarely Pay Taxes

            This segment is not about chain restaurants, but rather a small hole in the wall place owned by a Greek guy with a weird mustache. In these restaurants employees are almost always paid under the table and numbers are skewed to show less profit.

Needless to say, your boss won’t appreciate you yelling that you’re going to report him to the IRS whenever you get fed up with your job. I would know.

Servers Aren’t Poor…We Make Plenty Off Tips

Have you ever seen an article that shows how little a server’s check is? Or how angry someone was after they didn’t get a tip on a table of seven? The stereotypes are everywhere you look and they make a lot of people angry.

And let me tell you how much angrier you’ll be after you read this. It’s all bullshit. I made a minimum of $10 an hour in cash from tips, plus what I made from my boss. Even when I wasn’t paid under the table (because my boss started paying me in actual checks), I got around a hundred dollars a week after taxes working part time.

Should our bosses pay us more? Of course. But I cannot change that, and until then tips will stay around.

I’m not saying don’t tip your server because some people genuinely need every cent they can get, but don’t believe every article that goes around making servers out to be extremely poor.

Waitresses WILL Spit In Your Food

I never did it but I’ve known plenty who have. Yes, it’s illegal. Yes, it’s disgusting. But some people will call you a bitch to your face. I’m not saying that some people don’t deserve it.

I was more of a fan of farting as I walked away from a table.

*I only used the term waitress because women are way more petty than men


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