Things Servers Cannot Stand

There are many different customers who pass through the doors of every restaurant in the world. Many are fantastic people. Most have proper manners. But there are some customers that fall into categories that drive servers crazy. Read on.

“Can I have this? And this? And that?”

There’s a lot of things that go along with food. Condiments, napkins, a sense of self worth (kidding).

But please don’t ask for ketchup, wait for your waitress to come back, ask for mustard, wait for your waitress to come back, ask for extra butter, and yet again wait for your waitress to come back. We have three or four other tables to take care of. Try to remember everything you need at one time for our sanity.

Customers That Are Angry…For No Reason

I understand that people have bad days. I understand that your server can mess up big time and drop water on your phone. Anger in these situations is reasonable and expected.

What I hate is when people come in happy and treat me horribly. These people will go from yelling at me to talking to their date and start talking about their wonderful interview they had earlier. This is uncalled for and completely unfair. I am trying to do my best at a job that is physically demanding with a smile on my face. Don’t treat me as a therapist that wants you to use scream therapy.

Men Who Think They Deserve Something

I have no patience for men who think I am flirting with them when I am at my job. I do not want your phone number, I do not want your hand on my ass, I do not need you to tell me that “my husband does not need to know”.

Customers That Blame Servers for Things That Are Out of Our Control

A restaurant runs on many different levels. You have dishwashers, bussers, and cooks. I cannot help that the cooks did not make enough of what you wanted. I cannot help that my manager did not stock your favorite type of beer. I cannot help how shoddily my restaurant is run. Please do not take it out on my tip.


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